Independen Test dalam Excel

Independen T Test adalah uji komparatif yang diberlakukan apabila skala  data variabel adalah interval. Uji statistik ini hampir sama dengan uji T Paired  atau Paired Test hanya saja uji ini diberlakukan apabila subjek bebas atau independen. Berbeda halnya dengan Paired Test yang diperlakukan apabila data berpasangan seperti pre dan

Human Trafficing in Indonesia

HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN INDONESIA Human trafficking in Indonesia is very dangerous. This condition occurs in very large cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and other towns. The crime can be experienced by neighbors, relatives or even children. Human trafficking happens in the category of prostitution involving children come to be the objectLanjutkan membaca “Human Trafficing in Indonesia”

Human Traficking Around Us

Human Trafficking is generally the problem of the developing countries. It is mainly caused by Poverty and unemployment. Worldwide, 27 million people have stories of human trafficking just like the ones you are about to read. Women, men and children are recruited, compelled into labor or commercial sex, held against their will, scared to leave,Lanjutkan membaca “Human Traficking Around Us”